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Why Bother? Lost your motivation to practice your yoga and qigong?

FREE 3 Day Practice Challenge

Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi Qigong to help reduce your stress - all you need is 10 mins a day!

Do you ever have the feeling that you just could not be bothered with your qigong and yoga practice?

You are not alone!

Sometimes knowing this is the best way to deal with the apathy.
Give yourself permission to be human.
Then get back to your practice anyway you can.
• Simply listen to a video session.
• Lay on your yoga mat.
• Clean and organize your practice space.
• Visualize yourself at the end of your practice.
• Tell someone you are going to practice today and get them
to follow up with you later.
• Breathe mindfully for 3 breaths and let that be your practice
for today.
The Daily 10 Minute is designed to help you stay consistent and motivated to practice. Learn more about the Daily 10 Minute [here]
achieve better health, balance and confidence