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Time for your Meditation and Yoga Practice - What's Your Non-negotiable?

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Time to Consider Your Non-negotiable?

Do you ever find yourself giving up your time for your yoga and meditation practice in order to give your time and energy to everything and everyone else? This can easily turn into exhaustion, resentment, discontent and high levels of stress in the attempt to meet everyone’s needs but your own. If this sounds true for you then it is time to consider your non-negotiable.

A non-negotiable is something that you want to maintain in your life that is for you. It is a source of support, and enjoyment that you know is right for you to have consistently in your life. For example, it may be that you need time for daily yoga and meditation and this is going to be your non-negotiable. Set a realistic time and place for your daily yoga and meditation. Vow not to give this up for others or allow yourself to be distracted with daily tasks. Remind yourself that It is important that you primarily take care of your well-being in order to be of service to others. So how can this happen?

Here are a few points to get you started,   

Commit to a time for your yoga and meditation practice in your daily schedule. Set it in your calendar as an appointment with yourself. Would you try your very best to keep an appointment with a friend or client? Most likely. So, treat yourself in the same way. Make this appointment with yourself a priority.

Create a physical space that is specifically for your yoga and meditation. Make it inviting and somewhere that you look forward to being. It does not have to be a large space. It may just be having a special cushion to sit on during your meditation, a yoga mat and a candle. Ask others to respect your space. 

Look forward to your time with you Treat it as special and sacred. Ask family members to respect that you do not wish to be disturbed during your yoga and meditation practice. Remind them that a consistent yoga and meditation practice helps you to feel less stressed and that is good for everyone!

A daily yoga and meditation practice may not be your choice of non-negotiable. However, whatever is your choice remember to choose an activity that is enjoyable and important to you. Don’t make it a chore or externally imposed. Your non-negotiable should feel you miss it extremely if there is the occasional time when it is not possible to follow through.

Consistency is the key to long lasting benefit.



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