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Setting an Intention for Your Qigong and Yoga Practice

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Intention can help with purpose and direction. Clarifying your desired outcome for your qigong and yoga practice.

But how does one go about deciding on an intention?

Like many things the simpler the better. 
Setting your intention with a single word helps with simplicity. 
Surprisingly, (in such a noisy world) a single word can often help with clarity.
Here are some words you can think about using
Loving Kindness (ok so that is 2 words but definitely a good intention)
Your intention can be set for each single practice session or as I prefer you may wish to stay with the same intention for some time. This way you can observe how the intention word itself evolves as you absorb the personal meaning within your practice. 
Take a few moments with your intention word at the beginning of your practice. Focus on the word as you breathe. Write it down if it helps. 
Notice the response over time. How does your intention manifest in your practice and your life.
Create an intention for your practice today.
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