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Practice Tips for Qigong

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Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi is such an accessible practice. I have practiced at home, in the airport, at hotels, on the beach, at the park and numerous other spaces. I love that we don't need any special equipment and the practice is so easy to come to no matter where I am or what is going on. However, there are some practice tips that help with motivation, enhance your experience and can help with reducing any injury risk or adverse response energetically.


Create space in your daily schedule for your practice. It is great to be spontaneous, but sometimes that means not actually practicing. Create a physical space for your regular practice. You can change this up now and again. Just as I suggested above, but having a designated space in your home can really help with consistency. Your consistent practice space will start to generate its' own energy.

Enhancing Your Experience

Keep your practice time free from distractions. Do not multi-task. Turn off your phone, ask to be undisturbed if possible. Pause for a moment before you begin. Clear the energy of the previous activity, breathe and be present. Do not practice on a full stomach. Your body is focused on digesting. Food is a source of qi that is absorbed differently than the energy of moving qigong.

Reduce Risk of Injury

Keep your practice space free of clutter. Use a non-slip surface. If you require extra support for balance, practice close to a clear wall space or use a steady and upright chair. Always practice in a pain free range of motion.

Avoiding Adverse Responses Energetically

Because qigong is about balancing our energy not only within, but essentially with universal energy it is recommended not to practice in tumultuous weather conditions like thunderstorms. Even if you are indoors. When practicing outdoors make sure the kidney area is kept free from cold and drafts. This is not an exhaustive list. Common sense applies in your qigong practice just as elsewhere. There are also many traditional guidelines that go beyond these few instructions.
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