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Lately, we hear a lot about the benefits of a staycation. There are, indeed many beautiful spaces to explore close to home. I love to be outdoors in natural spaces so I am finding much to enjoy here in Ontario. Hiking a trail, paddling on a beautiful lake, or camping under the stars. 

There are also some frustrations, weather that doesn't cooperate, the discomfort of long traffic lines, and overcrowded beaches. 
This is all part and parcel of the staycation. 

Exploring the breath is a lot like the true staycation. Coming home to all that is within. 
Creating intentional time in your daily routine to pause and breathe can be like a mini break, refreshing and restoring the mind and body. 
And just like the frustrations that arise on a mini break we might also experience some discomfort, annoyance or distraction. 

What to do about these frustrations and discomforts?

Let's imagine a traffic jam. You are hot and bothered and the more you really want to be out of your discomfort the more it intensifies. You cannot simply will yourself out of a traffic jam and onto the beach. 
You simply have to sit with your discomfort. Yet, the traffic jam is eventually going to disperse, and the intensity of your discomfort will shift. 

This is a lot like sitting with all that arises when we explore the breath. Sometimes we might feel that we are relaxing on the beach and other times feel like we are stuck in a traffic jam. 

It takes practice to do as we are instructed from the wisdom of meditation, yoga and qigong. To sit with what arises without attachment. Simply watching the ebb and flow of sensation. Remembering that there is impermanence to everything. Taking in all of the landscape of our inner exploration. 

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