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Is Busy a Good Thing? Yoga can help.

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Is Your Busy Beneficial?

Everyone is busy! Is that a good thing? Are we missing out on the importance of times for contemplation, restoration and the enjoyment of simply being? 
Having purpose and feeling that we make a valuable contribution to the world; our communities and families is beneficial to our health and well-being. However, when busy is describing a hectic, chaotic and overwhelming lifestyle then it is time to step back.
The long-term stress response that is often a result of hectic and overwhelming lifestyle is damaging to our health. The over exposure to cortisol and other stress hormones disrupts the systems of the body leading to disease, sleep disorders, fatigue and general irritability.

If you find yourself in this situation here are a few things to consider;

Take a serious look at why you are busy. This is not easy and it can take some time to really deeply reflect. What are you feeling when you tell people you are busy? Busy can help us to feel important, and needed. It can make us feel that we are living up to the expectations of others. Is there somewhere in your life that this has been reinforced? In general society can tend to glorify busy. Has this become part of your internal belief system?

Does your busyness prevent you from being present in the moment? Are you busy with one activity while considering all the others on your never ending “to do” list? Do you miss the experience of enjoying the present moment because of constant busyness? Take a few moments each day to bring your attention to a single activity, truly being present to a conversation, a moment with a friend or family member, the sounds of nature when walking. There are so many things we do each day without acknowledging them. While you do this be aware without judgement of how often your mind takes you to busy as a distraction. 

Are you missing out on precious moments in life with family and friends because of your busyness? Are you preventing others reaching out to you because of your stated busyness? We can tend to honor busyness in others as well as ourselves. Always stating how busy you are can prevent others from connecting with you. Notice how this feels when you are told that someone else is too busy. Make a conscious effort to avoid the word 'busy' when responding to others. Try for a more engaging response. "I have been absorbed in a very exciting project" may bring more of an opportunity to open up the conversation and share. 

Stepping off the “Busy” Highway
Make some intentional spaces in your schedule that are free of commitments. Practice non-doing. Sit, walk, pause, reflect, ponder, dream, wander.
Stop describing your life as busy. This mindset can create a perpetual sense of not having enough time.
Stop telling others how busy you are. Instead be open to conversation that builds relationship.
Regularly practice qigong to help balance your energy. 
Practice mindfulness meditation consistently to build skill in living in your present moment.
Commit to a daily yoga practice. Be present in your body and focus your mind. 

Consistency is the key to long lasting benefit.


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