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Harvesting the Abundance with a Consistent Yoga and Qigong Practice

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Consitency is the key to harvesting the benefits of your yoga and qigong practice

Working at my Moms' allotment in the British countryside I am reminded of the connectivity of all things. Being in the midst of the abundant harvest of late summer/early fall is a fabulous experience of nature. A living testimonial as to how all things coming together in balance can provide for us.When certain elements are combined there is abundance. Rich soil, an earth that is supportive to growth and sustainability. Clean air, sunshine, and rain along with the consistent care and attention of planting, weeding and harvesting.
We can see this in our consistent mind body practice. With consistent care and attention to the basic elements of practice, grounding, breathing and releasing, we can harvest an abundance of benefit. Easy to see at times, but at others we may be discouraged, bored or distracted.
With the late summer harvest it is easy to feel the rewards of spending time at the allotment. In just a few hours we gathered delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs. But the enthusiasm can soon wain when the days become colder. And, I don't know anyone that enjoys weeding!

Reminding Ourselves of the Harvest Can Help Us to Stay Motivated to Practice 

Just like at the allotment there may be times when we experience the abundance of rewards from our consistent mind body practice. I know that I really appreciate the times that I can pause and quickly draw on grounding and breathing in a moment of need. Or the times that I feel the joy and confidence of knowing I am flexible, strong and able. I know this is all possible because of my consistent daily practice.
There are also times when it is difficult to stay enthusiastic. When it would be easy to excuse myself from the few minutes a day of structured daily practice. Here is what I suggest when these times arise,

Keep a journal

Journal for a few minutes after your daily practice. Note the way that you feel mentally, physically and emotionally. Take a look back over your journal when you feel discouraged. Give yourself a reminder of how far you have progressed.

Acknowledge the Moments

Consciously acknowledge the moments in your life when you know that you are reaping the benefits of your consistent daily practice. More confidence physically, less reactivity mentally and emotionally, a more joyful outlook on life. There are so many ways we can benefit. Be sure to take note
Need help to stay consistent with your daily mind body practice? The Daily 10 Minute is an inspiring and encouraging video series of yoga, qigong, meditation, relaxation and chair yoga sessions to help keep you motivated. 

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