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Finding Ease in the Basic Stance of Qigong

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Yin and Yang are in relationship with each other. Either opposing, transforming, complementing or consuming each other. Wuji is neither state and is depicted as an empty circle.

Wuji can be loosely translated as without ultimate. Considered the primordial state of the universe. Ultimate nothingness. This is difficult to grasp as we experience energy constantly as shifting and changing states as in the yin yang theory. Wuji could also be described as the state before yin and yang. 

The basic stance of qigong is also sometimes named the wuji stance.

What can this mean? Are we to attain a state of nothingness? How is this possible when we are doing?
Doaist philosophy is fascinating but beyond the boundaries of this short article and beyond my teaching level. If you are so inclined to delve more deeply then you might begin with some of the classics which are best studied with the guidance of a Sifu.
The Dao De Jing.
The Yellow Emporers Internal Classics

For now consider the application of wuji to the basic stance as relaxed stillness and effortless power.
Standing in the void.

Use these guidelines to practice

Stand with feet hip width to shouder width apart.
Weight evenly distributed into both feet.
Draw up slightly on yongquan.
Feet and knees facing forward.
Back of the knees slightly soft.
Relaxed pelvis and groin.
Slightly drop the tail bone to lengthen the low back. Relax the belly.
Relax the chest and open the upper body.
Shoulders relax with a slight space under the arms.
Hands relaxed with slight inward curve in the centre (laogong).
Lengthen the neck and slightly raise the bai hui.
Relax the gaze.
Natural breathing.
Sink the qi, focus the attention to the lower dan tian.

This is a lot at first. As you practice choose one or two points at a time to focus your attention. When those points feel refined choose another. When you feel you have refined all of the points begin again and so on...

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