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Adapting Your Yoga and Qigong Practice to the Change of Season

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You may notice when you are consistent with your mind body practice that you are naturally more aware of the effect of seasonal changes on your own personal rhythm. 
Winter in the northern hemisphere reminds us to slow down. It is naturally a time of replenishment. The days are shorter, the nights longer and we seek the warmth and comfort of shelter. 
From a qigong perspective winter is related to water and therefore, attention is given to the kidney, bladder and adrenal glands. 
What can this mean in terms of our practice?
Watch nature and notice how there is naturally a time for rest and stillness. We can emulate what is all around us by 
Taking the time to replenish the mind and body
Get plenty of sleep.
Eat warm and nourishing foods.
Use your practice time with this focus on replenishing your mind and body and building immunity. 
A gentle flowing practice can be helpful with deep relaxation and intentional time for inner quiet and reflection.
Do make sure to keep the kidney area warm avoiding practicing in cold or draughty places. 
And as always I suggest a consistent practice for optimal benefit. Consistency is the key. 
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