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Spring Cleaning for Mind and Body

        When the days become longer and lighter there seems to be an urge to clean.  It feels instinctive to clear out the winter from our personal space. You may be feeling this urge to clear your physical space whether that be the house, office or even the garage. What about your inner space? Can we include this in a spring clean?

       Spring naturally brings longer days. These can feel more spacious. Can you invite this sense of spaciousness into your body and mind? Take some time in nature or find a quiet space to contemplate what it is that could be cleared to make space. What are you holding on to that is no longer serving you? Once this becomes clear it is possible to invite in something new.

        A labyrinth walk can be ideal for this process. At the beginning of your walk state in a positive way what it is you no longer wish to carry with you. As you come to the centre of the labyrinth pause to further release. You may place a natural object in the centre of the labyrinth that represents what it is you wish to release. Then state positively what it is you would like to invite into your life. On your journey out of the labyrinth visualize with each step this new state of being.

        Join me at the labyrinth at Loretto Maryholme Spirituality Centre on Thursday April 25 for a guided spring labyrinth walk. You can also search the World Wide Labyrinth locator to find a labyrinth close to you at   

      As you spring clean this season. Remember to spring clean the mind and body. For a full day of inspiration and uninterrupted focus on your personal “spring clean”  join me at the Day of Renewal retreat on the shores of Lake Simcoe [learn more]



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