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Daily 10 Minute


What is the Daily 10 Minute? 

Let me explain. Over the years so many of you have expressed your gratitude for the practices of yoga, qigong and meditation. So often at the end of an event I hear of how fabulous you feel and of your wish to practice more consistently at home. I also hear of how many of you find home practice difficult. You express frustration in not being able to find the time or not knowing exactly where to start.

The Daily 10 Minute helps with all of this

You simply subscribe for a month of Daily 10 Minute practice sessions sent directly to you early each morning . No more wondering how to get started just follow the guided practice. Would you agree that 10 Minutes a day is manageable? Are you worried it is not enough? 10 Minutes consistently is manageable and you will feel the benefits. The consistency is the key. 

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Subscribing is easy. No long term commitments. Simply subscribe for each month that you wish to participate. 
And one more easy and manageable factor is the cost. 

Each Daily 10 Minute is just $30.00 for the entire month. That is a $1 a day!!


You choose your modality:

Take advantage of the 10% discount when you register for more than one Daily 10 Minute choice a month. Imagine how wonderful it would feel to wake up to an early morning guided Tai Chi Qigong or Yoga practice and complete your day with a guided meditation.

Enjoy a complimentary Daily 10 Minute Meditation.

Free 10 Minute Yoga Practice with Linda Varnam of Chanvar Yoga and Qigong
Enjoy a complimentary Daily 10 Minute Meditation

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Please note once subscribed there are no refunds for the month of the subscription.

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