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5 Tips for a Cool Practice

Stay cool with these tips for your yoga practice

Enjoy your yoga outdoors? Practice in the early morning and late evening. If possible practice by the water for its cooling effects. 

Remember your body is constantly working toward homeostasis. Help out and include postures that are closer to the ground for a cooling effect. Slow, flowing movements to release the back like Little Boat, Little Boat Twist …. Leave the intense flows for another day. 

Slow, gentle exhales can be cooling and calming. Practice a few in Savasana or in a comfortable seated position. 

As temperatures rise so can tempers, irritability and annoyance. A mindfulness meditation can help to recognize reactive behavior and put it into perspective. Everyone is hot and bothered. What can you do to help the situation? 

Sitali is a cooling yoga breathing practice. See here for instruction.

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